November 2023 Board Meeting

The next board of directors meeting of BCAGP will be November 5th at 1 PM at the Oley Legion Hall. Please note this is an earlier start time than our usual meetings. We encourage membership to attend.

AGENDA                          5 Nov 2023

1. Approve prior minutes (17 Sep)

2. Treasurer
Warning from PA – No Sales/Use tax filed
      Oct 19 – Filed Sales Tax License Cancellation
BCAGP banner with logo – Lara and Meredith authorized to purchase

3. Authorized Projects

Bieber/Lesher, Oley – 9/17/23 authorized $8700 to repair walls, repoint 2 walls

Schneider, Oley – 9/17/23 authorized $12000 to repair left wall, Authorization may need adjustment when wall can be accessed and reevaluated

4. Activities

Kemp, Maxatawny – Robert Mosko offered to straighten tombstones for minimal cost; 6/14 authorized up to $500 to supplement family contributions – Nov 4-5 target dates

Mike Schmehl – For the year: 8 cleanups at Ritter, 5 at Schmehl, 3 at Young/Kissling

Gary’s Cleanups – Bertolet 1, 10/11; Koenig 10/12

Rothermel 1, Maidencreek – GPR Friday Sept 22

Fall work projects –
Sep 27 – DeTurk 2, Oley and Hill, Earl
Oct 20 – Reichert/Dum, Richmond and Kirby, Maidencreek
Oct 29 – Kemp, Maxatawny
Nov 10 – Leiby, Greenwich, 1 PM
Grim, Kieffer

Graveyard equipment
Tripod – Lara to purchase hoisting equipment (miscellaneous maintenance expense)

Berks County Genealogical Society – talk Thursday, Oct 19

Bertolet 1, Oley – Stone along rear wall needs resetting – 2/21/21 auth $200 to acquire base (non found)

Graveyard Tour: for board members to find sites they have never visited

5. Potential Projects –

DeTurk 2 – Rough estimate to complete walls $28,750. About $8000 of this is cost of stone. If Gotwals can provide stone much of the $8000 may not be needed. Funding being pursued.
$8,400 received,.$2369.10 spent

Guldin, Oley – repointing

Kline/Close, Exeter – gate hinge rusted/broken, dead ash trees surround graveyard

Hunter/Kemp, Oley – repairs to all 4 walls

Rothermel 1, Maidencreek – rebuild left side of front wall

Keim, Pike – tombstone straightening/repairs

Knabb, Oley – tombstone straightening/repairs

6. Membership –
How do we treat a contribution that does not specify a membership? added to Contact List?
Does our acknowledgement say a contribution ‘may’ be tax deductible?

7. Website –

8. Newsletter

9. Google Drive
Should we have bills (incomplete) or contributors there

10. Wiki

11. Next Meeting

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